Saturday, 12 May 2012

Green, me?

Let me tell you about a new fabric shop I've discovered - Ray Stitch. Please take a look if you are searching for unique, organic and beautiful fabrics. You should know by now that living in NI is like being in Siberia (no offence to Siberians) when it comes to good fabric shops and choice, so my lifeline is on-line. Situated in London, UK, Ray Stitch stocks organic cotton, bamboo, Japanese prints and lots more and I do not have to pay the customs man any extra. BTW I'm not getting any commission on this.

This is what I am eagerly awaiting arriving in the post................

 First up is a no dye cotton - how cool is that?

This is the actual colour that the cotton grows in the fields. It's picked, spun, woven and ready to go. I've selected the choi colour - slightly green.

From Ray Stitch's web site:
It is a 100% organic fabric made from natural shades of growing cotton, irrigated by the meltwaters of the Qilian Mountains. No herbicides, no dyes. GOTS certified.

- Cotton was once grown in shades of cream, green and white, but over time breeders selected it to be just white. The Chinese producers of this innovative range have reverted to traditional practices in order to address ever-increasing concerns over the use of chemical dyes.

Secondly,  this crossweave organic cotton in light blue. It comes in 7 wonderfully muted colours. 

From Ray Stitch's web site:
Crossweave cotton is a 100% organic, medium weight fabric and is made using two shades of yarn giving it a unique shade and texture. It is handmade from previously dyed yarn and, as a handmade fabric, may have small characteristic changes in texture and occasional imperfections. The fabric is pre-shrunk and dyefast.

 And now for the patterns: what do you think of.....

 No dye cotton for skirt from Burda May 2012

White linen weird fronted trousers with the remains of the white linen bed sheet- also Burda May 2012

And the plainest shift dress for the cross weave cotton also from Burda May 2012.

Now that I own the pattern drafting tools I thought I'd have another go at Burda hieroglyphics, but I might just purchase the downloadable patterns instead!

I've also ordered an organic white cotton denim for a new pairs of summer jeans re-engineered by me of course.

Perfect summer wardrobe and more fabric to add to the growing stash that I'm not concerned I'll never get through.

To coincide with all this eco-greeness Pattern Review's latest competition is 100% natural - making clothes with only natural fabrics. The competition runs until the end of May, so if the postman gets here soon, I might just put one of these Rainbow Warrior approved garments in for the competition. I don't really do competitions - but if I'm making it anyway I might just try.

Thanks for reading. Ruth


  1. Thanks for the info on the fabric source. Believe it or not, we do have fabric stores here in Chicago, but it is gettting more and more difficult to find great pieces. I always love finding out about other resources. Thanks again.

  2. Thanks for the heads up on a fantastic fabric source. Wow. I love the color grown cotton, apparently they change somewhat with age.

    That skirt is absolutely delicious . If I can't bring my white hemp one back for
    The dead, I will seriously consider that pattern for my next skirt. Yum.

  3. AnonymousMay 13, 2012

    I'm lucky enough to live in London and Ray Stitch is fabulous, full to the brim with delicious fabrics and yummy cakes!

  4. I'm sure the shop is much better in real life. I forgot to mention the cakes and buns! Next time you're there you could pass on a message that I think they are great.

  5. Hi Ruth! I love that fabric, its so earthy and natural. I really like that skirt from May Burda, it would be so wearable and versatile! Good luck!!

    Bundana x