Monday, 17 December 2012

Thank You Ladies

I've been very lax recently in my blog reading and commenting and replying - please forgive me - but you all know this time of year can be hectic.

So this post is a cover-all-catch-up to try and make up for my tardiness of late.


Let's start off with a big thank you for all your thoughts for the next round of surgery. Really, it brings tears to my eyes and a lovely warm glow in my heart to read your good wishes to me.


Another big thank you goes to two special ladies - Sarah and Pauline. Both of these inspiring sewists nominated me for One Lovely Blog / The Very Inspiring Blog Award. Wow - two in one week!

The rules of this award are as follows:

Thank the person who nominated you 
Add The One Lovely Blog Award The Very Inspiring Blogger Award to your post.

Share 7 things about yourself. 
Pass the award on to 10 nominees.
Include this set of rules. 
Inform your nominees by posting a comment on their blogs.

Numbers 1 & 2 completed. Now on to number 3...7 things about myself - are you really that interested?
1. I live in the the same house we bought when we got married - we have done three building extensions in 18 years.
2. I met my husband at a wedding: my sister had snuck into the dining room and moved all the name places around on out table so she could sit beside someone she knew and DH and I ended up sitting opposite each other.
3. I thought he was funny; he thought I was sexy (of course!)
4. I get up early, even on days off but I love to doze in the afternoons when I can.
5. I still think I'm 19 but the image in the mirror isn't reflecting this these days =/
6. I punctuate fully and correctly spell all my text messages.
7. I'd love to be able to knit properly but my head can't keep count of the rows and stitches.
Now for the next recipients. This is difficult, as there are so many good sewists and bloggers around. I'm making a smaller than 10 selection but they are good ones.

Sally from While I do the selfish sewing only for myself thing, Sally sews for everyone except herself!

Mrs Mole at When I was lying in my sick bed a few weeks ago, this lady kept me in stitches (ha ha) at the antics in her alteration and sewing boudoir.

Elizabeth, AKA the Fabulous Dr E's Fabulous Blog, Even though she has just had new baby and is moving to another country and already has a 5 year old she still sews and has a wicked sense of humour! Incredible.

Debra from Sew What One sexy lady who is fearless when it comes to drafting patterns and making clothes. 

Sandra, who thinks we help her but really she is the inspiration She knits, sews, crochets, crafts and probably does a million other things too. Sandra is relatively new to the blog world but it's obvious she is not new to sewing.

Jo Lynn who also claims to be newish to sewing but this girl has dived in head first And she rides motorbikes - what's not to like?

OK - take a look through these inspiring blogs for more inspiration, sheer awesomeness and a few laughs too. 
Another THANK YOU 3 to the above sewers - for making my life richer.
I'm off to tell all the above that they now have this award and they can pass it on to their own inspirational sewists.
Happy Sewing ......


  1. I am so glad Sarah and Pauline nominated you, and your blog, for this award - well deserving indeed! And, all the best for the surgery today (by Aussie dates we are a day ahead of you). Plenty of rest and recovery ahead, and plenty of time to blog hop. Thanks for listing the blogs, they all sound so interesting - I'm off to check them all out now...J

  2. You are welcome and all the best for the surgery - get well soon and don't do too much.

  3. Oh my, I love Sally's pups but her blog doesn't allow me to leave a comment (no nameurl option) so hope she sees it here.

    Sally, I hope you've sewed them some cute coats for the winter!!

  4. Ruth - Thanks for nominating me! :) And best wishes for your surgery...

    Marianna - I had no idea that others couldn't leave comments. I've only just really got going with blogging, but I'll go and look and see what can be done. And "Yes" there are a few random "dogs in home-made coats" pictures in there somewhere!

  5. Well deserved- especially for the punctuation!

  6. I wish you a merry christmas and to forget quickly your surgery pain.You seem so brave and dynamic,it's an example for me!