Saturday, 23 February 2013

Cheap & Chic

Today I went to the hairdresser's and then I went to the shops...... and I bought........some clothes!!!!!

One of the things was a pair of Moschino trousers: small black and white houndstooth wool with slight stretch. Ankle length, side pockets and wrinkly crotch all for the grand price of £310, very similar in style to those on the right. This is NOT cheap in my book and the saggy bum is definitely NOT chic.

It's been so long since I've bought RTW that I'm not even sure what size I am anymore. These were too big around the waist.

So I came home and did this....

 Scissors, pins and ripper and an interesting look at the insides of RTW. No back seam in the waistband meant no easy take-in, so I had to cut the band in two. Pinned out about 1 1/2" along the centre back seam easing out all the way to the crotch where the inside legs meet.

Oh, just in case you thought I'd abandoned sewing for real and gone over to the dark side, I picked these trousers up at 80% off and when I came home I finished this to wear on top.

Details to follow shortly.....


  1. I almost had a palpataion! I can't wait to see your blouse in action....

  2. I'm with prttynpnk - could not believe my eyes! But what a great buy :-) beautiful blouse.

  3. Yikes, I thought you had gone to the dark side for a minute! But at 80% off and knowing how hard it is to find decent pant weight material, I would have done the same thing! Love the blouse, can't wait to see the outfit on you!

  4. You can call me an early April fool ! You had me there - only for a few seconds though !


  5. Nice pants. I would like to buy it.
    Loved your blog!!!!!!!!