Wednesday, 25 July 2012

4D Skirt

The D in this title is for denim, not the fourth dimension. I'm not manipulating the time-space continuum, but I'm trying. I'll keep you posted on my success with that! I had loads of half metre leftovers of denim fabric - it was taking up too much space in the stash box and not one piece was large enough for any one project - so I put them all together! I made a skirt using 4 different denims - rather like a patchwork but not as intricate. Vogue 1247 - Rachel Comey top and skirt - I've always loved this skirt and saw it made up beautifully by other sewers but there was NO WAY I was making it this length - that's just a big belt! I think everyone who has made this skirt has added extra length. The pattern lends itself easily to using different fabrics as the bottom half of the skirt is a separate piece. This was really an exercise in sewing - an experiment - practising some sewing skills and if it didn't turn out right that was OK.

I am happy to announce that my sewing skills have returned somewhat:
Zip? what zip?
 The front, left back yoke and one back skirt panel were cut from the pinstripe denim. I added 8" to the length and then ran out of fabric. The other back panel is cut from another denim and the remaining back skirt is from yet another. The waistband and hem extension are from the fourth denim. I added a back pocket to keep the patchworky feel of the skirt.

Seams line up

Here you can see all four denims and I had to cut the right back panel on the cross grain due to restrictions of available fabric.

The front of the skirt has concealed pockets in the horizontal seam but it looks like I'm wearing an apron from the front when I put my hands in - but this is one good fitting, comfortable workhorse of a skirt that was made right out of the pattern envelope with no adjustments (apart from the length).

I frayed the hem but was not too comfortable with the length so I added another 4" (10cm) strip of denim around the bottom and frayed this a little too. Better length for me and balances out the other denims.

 To stop the skirt hem fraying all the way to the waist I stitched a line 2cm from the edge of both hems. I'm hoping that is will fray a little more in the wash to give a "I've had this skirt for ages" look.
I've made the silk top from this pattern too ages ago and never got round to posting about it. As usual I mucked about with the pattern and removed the shoulder pleats and lengthened the sleeves. It is made with some Ana Sui silk and I adore it but it has never been warm enough here to wear solo.

The 4D skirt is worn today with V8817. I'm in the process of making three white T-shirts from this pattern. Once cut out they only take a couple of hours to sew up and have everything I desire in a T-shirt - scoop neckline, 3/4 length sleeves and fitted but not tight body.

It's sad to say but I suit A-line skirts. Boring!!!

Time for a quick cup of coffee before forging ahead with something else........


  1. Every time I see someone posting this skirt, it's got longer!!

    I'm very impressed by the lining up of all those pieces!

  2. I so love this!!! How creative, and also used up some of your left-over fabric. Bonus points on this one...
    ✿ Judy
    made by J

  3. What a great way to use up those scraps! This came out as cute, flattering, casual skirt. Can't have too many of those!

  4. That is the nicest version of this skirt I've seen! Bonus points for using up leftovers too.

  5. Adorable! Love the use of different denims.

  6. It never stops amazing me how creative you are and what a knack you have for using every last square inch of fabric. And you look great in your patchwork skirt!