Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Denim Petals

I'm not one for embellishment. I go for plain and classic - machine embroidery, while I admire it on others and am absolutely staggered by the results, is not really for me. So this little skirt takes me into new territory.

It's a simple straight denim skirt, made ages ago - can't even remember the pattern but it was plain - very plain. It has been usurped by the recent 4D skirt.

The only unique thing about this skirt was the closure. I didn't have a 7" zip but I did have some 4" zips salvaged from RTW low rise jeans bought when I thought I'd look good in them! I figured 2 X 4" = 8" so instead of putting in the darts at the front of the skirt, I put in the zips instead and it works!

With the little scraps of leftover denim leftover from 4D and a a pair of teenage son's too short jeans I made some petals and leaves and sewed on some flowers. It was a little awkward at times as this skirt is lined but we got there in the end.

I even got out some coloured thread and sewed some stems and highlights.

I cut out little circles of a small piece of quilting cotton that has been waiting to be used for something to brighten the denim on denim.

So a refashion of a home made skirt.

Off to Dublin for a few days - annual choir tour. I'm robes mistress so I'm needed to sew on buttons and sort out hems. Goodbye Valentino said she brings sewing projects with her on holiday - mine make their own way there!  I've got my list of fabric shop addresses and in between rehearsals and evensong you'll find me rummaging amongst the silks and tweeds. I've got my pattern ideas for autumn and the required yardages for each - it'll be such a pleasure to 'touch' the fabric before I buy rather than virtual internet shopping - ohh real life! Can't beat it.


  1. For someone who isn't into embellishing you have done a brilliant job on this skirt!!! Enjoy Dublin...

  2. your skirt looks cute - I hear what you say about embroidery, but occasionally I see something that I really do want to do.

    Enjoy your trip

  3. What a great skirt - it looks very much like a Boden piece. I really like the double zips - great save turned into a neat design feature!

  4. Ok, just as I was oohing over the zippers, you throw on all the giddy posies, I'm in love with your creativity today! That is a keeper!

  5. Cute, cute, cute! Perfect for summer. Worth the extra work.