Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Too Much Time to make Crooked Things

and this is the reason we cut on the straight of grain..... 

With most of the festivities at a conclusion for the season and having (too much?) time on my hands I attempted a Burda Style magazine pattern. Pulled out the pattern sheets from the centre of the magazine and... no wait ...... Prttynpnk says it much better than I. 

Burda Style Magazine Nov 2011

Anyway, located the pieces I needed to make the above cardigan and traced them on to tissue paper. Had a bit of difficulty finding the straight of grain line but carried on regardless. Because I have an unexplained impluse to muck about with every pattern I use I decided to add a hood. And, I'd line the hood with a Chinese satin fabric and I'd face the fronts in the same and I'd reduce the width of the lapels.

Got the pieces cut out and sewed, including the raglan sleeves - got the hood cut, lined and attached to the neck line - got the facings cut and attached and then it struck me! The fronts were not lying flat. So I pressed, topstitched, pulled and stretched and nothing I did made a difference.

Image from Threads

Back to the pattern pieces and the straight of grain line on the front is about 10 degrees out - in other words, not straight at all. The orange line on the picture shows about where my grain line is marked.
SFX Collar

So I thought maybe I could use this special effect as a design element. You know, sort of ruffled collar look and have the facings deliberately hanging out - no - it just always looked like the fronts were wonky. The only location this garment was going to see was the inside of the bin.

I can't salvage much of the fabric either as the sleeves are two piece raglan and the fronts are goners. 
Nice idea though?

And so, if you ever wondered what happens if you don't cut on the straight of grain - this is!

Thanks for reading. Ruth


  1. Well, what can I say as a word of encouragement??? This certainly is an epic mistake that isn't seen all that often - can't you blame a bit of the Christmas bubbly at all??? Seriously, I would look at cutting into the wonky bits, adding darts on the outside, and following through on your special effect design element never know, you may just start a trend!!!

  2. As, that is disappointing ...but you got it cut out, so you know I am impressed!

  3. So sorry! I just hate it when I spend my time making something and the grain is off. Onward and upward!

  4. Onward and upward absolutely. Back to pre-printed patterns for me, I know my limits.