Saturday, 10 December 2011

Who's Going to Know?

Work on the vintage jacket has begun in earnest.

I've no more wee projects hanging about and as I'm something of a monogamist when it comes to making clothes, there's nothing left to do but the jacket. I've opted to do the full tailoring thing on this jacket - I'm hoping it'll be a good method of slowing down, taking my time and maybe even taking a bit of pride in what I do. The fabric hasn't even seen the machine yet. After the toile (muslin) and the alterations, came the cutting out of shell fabric and organza. These two needed to be joined together - no iron-on here. In fact I really can't use fusible interfacing, every time I try it just bubbles the fabric and looks bad. So the machine went under cover, the chair was lowered, the angle-poise positioned and many needles were threaded. 

Green = sewing lines, basting shell fabric & organza underlining
Orange = large O
Pink = small O
Lilac = fold lines, stitching lines, squares, waist and centre back marks.

I cheated a bit on the canvas interfacing and marked this up with pens instead.

 I mean, really! 
You'd think I'd nothing better to do with my time. And now I have the doubts..........

Who's going to know that I spent a week sewing all this, only for it to be ripped out and never seen?
Will it make a difference to the finished jacket?
Am I going overboard on the haute couture thing?
Do I know what I'm doing?
What am I going to buy my husband for Christmas?
Why am I here?
What's the meaning of life?

Any answers to the above questions gratefully received.

Thanks for reading. Ruth


  1. Ah, you'll know and that will make all the difference. As to whether it makes a difference in the finished jacket, I guess we'll all have to find out. I'll be curious about your result and opinion about the effort. As for the other questions, you're on your own:-)

  2. We only sew half for people to admire but more for us to expand our skills and keep this art alive. You'll know and be all the more proud of your work. Buy him legos. Always works for my husband!

  3. My husband has asked for a Licensed Frank Sinatra Fedora for Christmas. Yes he will wear it. Legos would be good too.

    Yes, the jacket will be the better for all the extra work. All that structured styling will need support and the jacket should last a long time. Not that I have always followed this advise, but my Mother passed on advise she got when she ran an office in the Pentagon back during WWII: Add two new suits to your wardrobe every year and you will always be able to dress well. Most of us do not need "suits" but adding new well constructed jackets will always stretch our wardrobes.

  4. OK that's three of us who'll know. I already thought of Lego, it's the suitable age range that I have to decide on.