Saturday, 3 December 2011

Zhivago & Zeitgeist

I seem to be stuck at the end of the alphabet - maybe it's something to do with the end of the year and the fact that the last month of 2011 has begun.

I also seem to be (no, in reality, actually) procrastinating about the vintage jacket and can find a million other things to sew and think about instead of getting down and just Doing It.

In addition, I appear to be stuck in the 1960s/1970s. Am I picking up subliminal trends or just being nostalgic?

For those dear readers who were born in the 1980s and later - let me briefly explain.
Dr. Zhivago was a mega Russian love story film with Julie Christie and Omar Sherif on show at a movie theatre near you in 1965. It's ages long and you will cry!

Zeitgeist is the spirit of the times manifest in art, fashion and attitudes that reflect the mood of the time. 

Back to 2011 - well almost.......

Fox fur trimmed boots
I spent the weekend not looking at the vintage jacket pieces, even though the organza for the underlining has arrived, and sewed up the leftover faux fur from Paco's jacket instead.

I had enough left not to throw out but not enough for a substantial garment - know what I mean?

Looking for inspiration I went surfing and came up with these:

Faux fur scarves and hats for ladies who don't smile

and then these.......
Faux fur boots (mine)

Faux fur scarf for ladies who smile

Me and Julie Christie doing the whole head to toe fur thing with Omar and not smiling.


 As I was using leftovers I can't give you exact amounts, but I'd guess half a metre (yard) would do just fine. Of course you may want to make a longer or shorted one. Take one longish piece (whatever length you'd like your scarf to be) and fold lengthwise - or two narrow pieces - sew both ends closed, one on the slant and one square.

On the long edges, sew together leaving 7cm (3") slits open on both sides at the square end - the lower opening should start where the first opening stopped, so that the openings are on the diagonal to each other. This allows for the scarf to be positioned thus when wearing (see below).

Slip stitch the hem allowances at the openings back and turn the scarf right way out through these openings. If you have the time, press.

To wear, slip the slanted end of the scarf through the openings and wear in a variety of ways, depending on how cold it is or on your Julie Christie mood.

Cut 4 triangles - to fit your head. About 6"wide and 51/2"  tall. round off the end as shown in the diagram on the left. Cut out and sew together, overlapping at the points.

 Pinch in the top and sew closed from the inside.

Measure round your head and cut a band to fit plus seam allowance about 15cm (6') wide (or whatever you want) and sew one edge to the edge of your skull cap, right sides together.

Fold the band wrong sides together to the inside of the hat. Either slip stitch in place or sew the raw edge to a lining.

If using the lining, gather around the centre top and sew closed.

To wear, turn the band to a jaunty angle and position the hat to one side.

Or wear pulled straight down over eyebrows for a non-smiling version.


 Whatever is now left of your fabric, cut two strips about 12cm (41/2") wide if you have it and long enough to go round your calves with 10cm (4") to spare.
 You will need wide elastic, here I used 2" because I had it in the box cut out long ago from something else. You want extra fabric around your legs to give a ruffled look.

Put your fav boots on and measure around the top. This is the length of the elastic. 

Fold the fabric lengthwise and sew, leaving both ends open. Using a safety pin, thread the elastic through the tube and secure the ends together with a couple of rows of zigzag stitching. This is a more flexible stitch and should not unravel even when stretched.

Slip stitch the ends of the cuffs closed.

To wear, choose the boots, slip the cuffs on and position close to the top of the boots.
Stride out.

The best thing about these fur trimmed boots is that the trim can move from one pair of boots to another, high, low, wedges and wellies and even ankle boots - you choose.

Thanks for reading. Ruth


  1. What a great idea Ruth !!

    The boots are to die for..

    Have a good week..:-)

  2. Paco, the temperatures here are dropping rapidly - the fur coat and accessories were made just in time.

  3. On Saturday we had the same thoughts, I also sewed a scarf. Mine is the fox. You came out this cute scarf and hat.
    Greetings from Polish:)