Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Bad company

I've never had a stash.

I know that is an anathema to many of you - but here's how it worked..... I'd decide on a garment that I'd like to sew or maybe needed, source the pattern, buy the fabric and make it. While hemming or finishing up I'd start to think about the next project and the process would start all over again, ad infinitum. No stash! Buy what I need only. My stash consisted of leftover scraps, really not much use to man nor beast.

Then I started to get involved in the online sewing world - and there's just no two ways about it - you lot are a bad influence on me. While reading Unzipped, Robyn mentioned that Fabric Mart had a sale on. Well I just had to have a look didn't I? No harm in that.

Then at the start of the year many of you posted about your wonderful sewing rooms and closets full of stashed fabric that was systematically ordered and catalogued, draped on hangers, just waiting to be sewn. See Pretty's here: Susan has an impressive one: Slapdash regularly updates hers. And I understand, if a fabric is gorgeous and on sale better to buy it there and then rather than full price or miss out all together.

There were many postings posing questions about what do you do with your stash: stash busting challenges etc etc etc. Well, I just couldn't comment or join in, could I?

Eh mm. See below.

The sales in America were so good that it was worth paying the tax to the customs man to bring it into the UK. If I lived in the States I'd be penniless but I'd have wonderful fabric. Now I know this meagre offering pales into insignificance in the face of some of your stockpiles but this is extravagant for me.

Either I'm in bad company or I'm easily influenced because now - I've got a stash.

Thanks for reading. Ruth


  1. Good for you, Ruth. A stash is a good thing! Welcome to our stash world!

  2. Ruth, I love your stash, and the fact that you have patterns in mind for each piece.

    1. They're only there to ease my guilt

  3. Come to the dark side, we have padded hangars, Luke!

  4. Ha,ha,ha,hee,hee. This post is delightful, welcome to the club!

  5. That. Turquoise. Check. Is. Amazing. What are you going to make with it??

    I'm so, so pleased I found your blog. :)