Sunday, 15 January 2012

The Real Suede Says......


When I posted about the Vogue Guy Laroche dress made from synthetic suede, I tried to come up with an interesting and fun title - so I played around with the idea of designers/fabric and stuff like that and it resulted in Suede Says..etc....  Anyway, the internet being what it is alerted the real Suede (Project Runway 5) that I'd used his trademark (only slightly). He commented on the post and has been in contact since.

I don't normally do product endorsements having such a busy schedule and all, but seeing as he asked so nicely and took the time to write to me, I've made an exception.

Hey Ruth:

My pleasure.. Keep up the great work..
not sure if you know but starting 1/24 is the first ever
SUEDEsays™ SEWalong 4 a Cause.

Would love you to join and write about it.  I'm not the moderator of the closed group but please feel free to join if you can..
Should be lots of fun.

Details below..


Hi Fellow Fashionistas....

SUEDEsays™ SEW 4 a CAUSE: Overnight Bag Sew Along.

Create a hot overnight bag with SUEDEsays Simplicity Patterns #0109 ( and support Keep a Child Alive.

This sew Along will include video tutorials with tips and techniques for zippers, piping and much more.. Great for this bag and so many other projects....

ROCK in the New Year2012 with this AMAZEballz overnite bag.....

ROCKon my fellow FASHIONISTAS!!!


Note: I am not the moderator or the leader of this group.. Just so honored that its the firstever SUEDEsays™ SEWalong...


I've never made a bag, apart from some crappy, floppy things with left over fabric that after sewing still look like left over fabric. So,  why not have a go?
Thanks for reading.


  1. It just goes to show that a post on a blog certainly travels around and is read by a multitude of people ...

  2. Ruth,

    Thank you for the compliment on my waist! lol Especially since I have my last birthday in the 50's coming up this week. Guess the workouts are paying off.

    The pants are made of Ponte Roma knit. I really like the weight of that fabric and use it often. Thanks again for the note on my blog.

    Happy Sewing,
    (Art Attack)