Friday, 6 April 2012


In between jeans experiments my super belt arrived from Don and I was dying to have a perfect dress to wear it with. I wanted this (left) - an image I have carried with me from childhood - but obviously a wee bit more suited to a woman of my age and sensibilities. By the way, Don has just started a women's wear range - fabulous designs, unusual but completely wearable - I just know it will be a huge success for him.

Vogue 7898
I dug out Vogue OOP 7898 and made some rather drastic alterations. This is a mock wrap dress with a loop/tie and asymmetrical hemline, but I wanted simple and plain. I cut the left hand side twice and knocked off the slanted hem line and went for longer length all round. Here's the mock up on Doris - with the belt. I used a grey marl cotton jersey that doesn't fray, clings a bit so I either need excellent foundation garments or none at all!

I sewed the two left front mock wraps into the side seams so no tie fastening was required, but I kept the wrap loose below the waist. I cut a curve around the wrap bottom but didn't hem it - it's just the raw edge. I did finish the neck edge and the sleeve hems though.

Not quite as svelte as the model in the macramé belt from 1972 but then I'm guessing she isn't as svelte today either. Ahh time.....

That sunshine is for real! Warm and sunny spring evening and out with the girls for dinner and a chat.
I'm going to make another one of these - easy to sew, easy to wear and doesn't detract from the simplicity of the belt. But what colour next?

Have you ever made something just to match or wear with an accessory?

Thanks, as ever, for reading. Ruth


  1. Just brilliant!!! What a great outfit and belt - super for making something to go with an accessory, unless you can classify 'me' as an accessory, then no, never done it. But, that's not to say I never will...

  2. Rock your inner hippie! You look fresh and fun. Enjoy your new belt.

  3. Thats a perfect outfit for the belt- lovely long lines throughout. I am a bit of a novelty shopper and will buy a bright shiney object, so yes, I have had to make something to go with a spontaneous act of shallow purchase on many occasions!

    1. I suffer from magpie syndrome too.

  4. It's a beautiful dress and totally goes well with the belt! I have made belts with grosgrain ribbon and corsages. Leather stuff is one of thing I want to try one day :)

  5. Gorgeous-you look smashing!

  6. Really beautiful, dear Ruth! Wunderschön! Have a nice sunday!

  7. Ruth, You make my belt look great! So happy to see you wearing it well and proud! As to your question...I have made (many) clothes to go with my fav boots.

  8. Oh man this dress is cool, as is the outfit. Perfect. I love that you made the dress to wear with the belt. You look ab fab. Wow.

    I love your boyfriend jeans too. Excellent.