Sunday, 1 April 2012

Denim Tips 5 - Waistband

In  Number 3 of this series I recommended cutting the right hand waistband 2" longer - this is reason why. You can see the waistband is not long enough to catch the fly shield. I carried on with this method but in the finished jeans the fly shield is loose inside.
The left hand side should line up exactly with the fly opening. The instructions say to make a vertical button hole - don't do this - make a horizontal one - less strain and pulling. 
1 -Belt Carriers

1. Position the belt carriers around the waistband and machine baste in place. Two at the front, one at centre back and two towards the sides. Put them on upside down and right sides together. You may want to check the depth of the carriers if you have a favourite belt to make sure it threads through them first before sewing.

 2. Sew the two waistbands, left and right, together making sure of your fit first. Pin this to the top of your jeans. Then VERY carefully start to sew. You will be sewing over the zip so hand turn the needle over the zip teeth to avoid another broken needle then whizz around until you come the other end and go just as carefully.
2 - Sewing over the zip
 3. Check that the two sides line up by pulling up the zip. If not, rip out a little bit and reposition for the new sewing line. Now cut off the top of the zip. Cut between the teeth to save your scissors.
3 - Cut off the zip
4. Sew the waistband lining pieces together and right sides together, sew to the top of the denim waistband. Trim and press down. Fold under a hem on the facing and pin in place to cover the bottom of the waistband on the inside.

5. Top stitch the waistband from the outside.

6. Fold up the belt carriers to line up with the top of the waistband and stitch securely in place.
Hope this helps.
Next time....... the finished jeans. - Hurrah!

Thanks for reading. Ruth


  1. OoooOoooh! The use of stripes there on the back waistband/yoke is to die for! Gorgeous.

  2. thanks so much for this series of jeans instructions!

    that curved waistband should help with any backside gaposis...