Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Ch.. C.. Ch..Changes

Things are changing around here.

I've lost a load of photos from this blog - actually I deleted them from an online photo album not realising that they were connected to the blog posts! Technie, me?

I had given up on SWAP '13, then I was on track, then I got fed up and now, I might just be back in....

I have a new blog over at Wordpress -
It has a new name -  corecouture, but all the usual rubbish is still there!

I'm still learning and changing things, so please bear with me until I get it all sorted.

Some things I'm not sure about are:
1. Where do the followers go to? I'm sorry if you have signed up to follow SewRuth, I'll try and move you over to corecouture.
2. My inspirational blog list needs reconfigured in corecouture - do not be alarmed - I'm still reading your wonderful postings
3. In time SewRuth will be deleted.

Thanks for meeting with me here and it was great fun getting to know you all.
Please pop over to corecouture to continue our friendship.

In the meantime, I'll be sorting out corecouture and making another Chanel jacket.

I may be some time......

Love Ruth


  1. I got this on my normal feed - not sure what that means but I got the notification - I even signed up for the feed to the new blog too :-)

  2. Same as pdiddly - have headed over to the new blog...see you there...J

  3. I don't follow, but I do subscribe in RSS feed reader, currently feedly. i will go get subscribed to your new one now.

  4. "Clothed and sane" ... so true! OK, so I'm now subscribed to the new (and very stylish, BTW) blog, but I can't figure out how to leave a comment there. Am I being dumb or is this on purpose? I mean, after the problems with spam I wouldn't blame you at all! :-) Anyway, I look forward to more inspiration and laughs.

    1. OK, I was being dumb... I now found how to leave a comment there as well. Click on the "27 comments" bit, duh! Sorry... I'll shut up now! :-)