Tuesday, 28 February 2012


Got a few things lined up for the coming weeks.

Hotpatterns e-mailed yesterday to say my Boyfriend jeans pattern was shipped - hooray!

I also ordered a pinstripe denim that I hope will arrive soon bought on ebay. I've already got the zip and rivets, thread and scraps for pockets so I'll be ready to go on this one. Just not too sure if the boyfriend fit is my thing - I usually like fitted and tight - but we'll see.
Have you ever made a garment because it was in fashion only to discover it just doesn't suit you? 

Vogue were having a clearance pattern sale a few weeks ago and I couldn't resist. What I did find a little off putting was that many of the patterns I already own were in the clearance pile - oh dear. Anyway when I bought my first stash in January it came with a few free cottons (because I bought so much) I just love America!. One of the fabrics was a checked turquoise that really isn't my thing but it was free - so what the heck? I picked up this reprint of a 1953 dress, just to see. 

This one is still in the will I, won't I category. Partly because I'm not sure there is enough fabric, but I figure I could narrow that full skirt down a bit to make it fit, and again my hips in a full skirt - yuk!
I love the bodice though.
If there's not enough of the cotton what do you think of home decorating fabrics? They're wide, patterned and relatively cheap. 
Have you ever made a dress or skirt from curtain fabric? I'd love to know how it wears. I get the impression it'll wrinkle like mad.

In the meantime I've bought an extremely expensive navy wool crepe for this little beauty (also in the clearance bin sale). Do I like things that nobody else does? There's only one review on Pattern Review too for this, so obviously not a favourite of the sewing public.
Dress is cut and sewn and inserted the zip this evening. The pattern calls for an invisible zip but my local shop did not have any 22" navy invisible zips! Oh the hassle of living in a small place. I purchased a normal one and made a lapped zipper. Interesting exercise. I'm aiming for another Mad Men look, so lapped zippers are in keeping with the era. I lengthened the dress by 9". Yes that's 9", for  a 2" hem. 

Pics soon of the progress on this. And don't forget the pattern GIVEAWAY this week - stay tuned.

Thanks for reading. Ruth


  1. Clearance patterns are why vintage Vogues are so pricey on ebay (that is my story anyway) Clearance happens far too early for proper pattern appreciation ;)
    I have the Badgely Mischka pattern, and the only reason I have not made it is my poor ratio of pattern ownership to actual sewn garments. I will be very interested to hear how your construction went.

    1. I've had a clear out to reduce the ratio of owned patterns to finished garments - I can increase your ratio if you make a selection!

  2. I love you patterns I just acquired Donna Karan V1077 which I bought for £4 at a show - similar sort of style - but think I need to stick to the diet a little longer first.

    I get most of my patterns from Sew Direct who were doing a 50% sale on all Vogues, but this is for both members who already get 50% and non members - I like it when they do a sort of double dip sale which means they are only 25% so I will wait until then.

    Good luck with your jeans and like Karen said will wait for your progress report

    1. Good to have you back amongst us.