Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Somewhere over the Rain........

Now that I've subliminally planted that ear-worm here are some pics to go along with it.

McCalls 6247

Rainbow Missoni (not real) knit from stash

2yds but only 45" wide - damn that stash!
So no sleeves, but nice yoke detail at the back.

Oh and I added a draped collar thing from another pattern. I didn't realise how sheer and un-fluid this was until I saw these photos.

I don't even know if this type of garment has a name...
Sleeveless cardigan?
Long waistcoat (vest)?
SF top? (stash fabric)

I would wear this on the yacht in the summer but ours is in the ship yard this year being remodelled and having a helipad fitted - bummer huh? Just when I have the perfect cover-up for my itsy-bitsy bikini?

Thanks for reading. Ruth


  1. yes there are times when we find the perfect fabric in the stash only to realise its not enough - but I agree with you perfect cover-up for you bikini when your yacht is out of the ship yard ha ha

  2. Hum.. I'm not sure either what the garment is called. Maybe long vest??
    Sunbathing with it on the yacht, that would be fantastic! Give me a call when your yacht is ready to take off, please :P

  3. OK, so far we have South Pacific, Essex coast, North coast, NI - where else on the world tour?
    Bring your sewing machines.......

  4. I get seasick...

    That is a beautiful coverup. I love the fabric and the slight opacity. M6247 is on my SWAP list and I have some nice dotted jersey to use. I hope to get to it soon-the Minoru is almost done!!