Saturday, 25 February 2012


At the beginning of this week the man from the telephone company was coming to install Infinity - a super fast broadband connection thingy. 

Not really my room, but mine looks just as bare
The BOX for the house that the wires go into is in my sewing room.... so I had to pack everything up; collapse the ironing board, put the machine in her cover and set aside, fold the gate-leg table down, unplug the iron, and so on until the BOX was easily accessible for the man. We also disconnected internet so that the man would have less to do when he got here.

He turned up on Monday as per the schedule only to tell us that there was fault in another BOX out on the main road and he couldn't fit the new BOX or wires until the fault was fixed. 

A trillion (or two) phone calls later, and another man was coming out on Wednesday. It wasn't worth unpacking the sewing equipment, I could wait another day or two.

Yada Yada Yada........

Eventually, on Friday another a man arrived. He put in a new BOX and connected the red wire to the blue wire and removed the green wire - waved a magic wand -  and thankfully everything is working.

So this is my excuse for not sewing or blogging this week - no sewing room and no internet. I've been managing to read a few blogs during the week at work but that's it and I think I am in withdrawal. AHHHHHH.

Today I unpacked everything again and it was a chance to sort through and tidy. All those scraps that are too small to make anything with went to recycling and I folded the stash, put pins in their boxes, filed away all the patterns that seem to materialise all on their own, found the individual pattern pieces that escape when my back is turned and put them in their rightful envelopes. So this evening all is well with the world.

In lieu of lack of sewing - this is a sewing blog after all - I thought I'd metaphorically run around for you and bring back some good news. So here are the connections you should check out:

The oft ignored and definitely in the minority but extraordinary men of the sewing blogs: they put me to shame! there's not that many of them but the design and work they produce more than makes up for sheer numbers.

Don makes the most amazing clothes and amazing accessorising to boot.

Jeans at TaylorTailor: and fabulous selvedge denim fabric.
Just right boys' gear by Jason

Not of course forgetting darling Peter and Cathy, or Paco, or the infrequent but startling postings by Scorpionblue, and one last one for today - mainelydad - jacket, coats and shirts oh my!

There's not much going to coming out of my sewing room for a few weeks as I get wound up again after my forced respite. I've purchased some patterns and more fabric, so I'm looking forward to receiving these in the post soon. And if you haven't guessed yet from the links above - it includes denim!

As part of my tidy up and clear out I came across some patterns that I don't think I'll ever make, so be prepared for a GIVEAWAY soon  too.

Thanks for your patience and for reading. Ruth

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