Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Compensation Clovers

I think I understand the emotional loyalties Clover has created. It was not, and is not, my my intention to ever distress anyone and I know we all have our favourite pattern makers in much the same way that we all have our own personal style preferences. It's what makes the world an interesting place to live. If any of you ever complained about a Vogue pattern I'd delete you from my bloglist and post anonymous comments on your blog! Only joking.....

I know I nerped (moaned) about the fit of Clover but Knitter's Delight was right, the next 1,5m of stretch wool has already been ordered and delivered  in anticipation of the second pair gracing my legs. I suppose pattern companies are a little like RTW, a size 14 in one shop is a completely different fit in another.

So, no more complaining - just sewing.

Today is a strike day for public sector workers in the UK. I am certainly not going to put my tuppence worth in here about the value of strikes or what they achieve - I mean, I was electronically berated about a pair of trousers (pants) only last week! My union called for strike action and as a teacher I am a public sector worker, so I'm playing the conformist.

I'll lose a day's pay but gain a day's sewing. Life's just full of compensations.

So by end of play today I should have another pair of Clovers RTW. And on that subject...... While I'm doing quick, easy things - you know Pants in a Day, sort of thing, I read Frabjous. Oh the guilt and inadequacy is overwhelming - she's doing full haute couture - underlining, seam finishes - the works on a pair of Clovers. Absolutely brilliant!

So I might just line this new pair to make me feel better about myself.

Also, so that I feel I'm contributing something worthwhile to the international sewing community, I thought I'd share this little tip. For some of you this may seem to be the most obvious thing in the world and you're probably already doing it but I only just figured it out recently -

When you find a pattern that you know will be made over and over (TNT), after cutting out, fold all the pieces carefully with the number or letter and piece name facing out - it only takes a few minutes. Then the next time you're making the garment, all the pieces are easy to find and you recover the lost minutes spent folding them in the first place. See, compensations are everywhere.

Thanks for reading. Ruth


  1. I just thought you are funny. I agree with "compensations are everywhere"! I fold my patterns as you do. Plus I do some more. I draw the design on it and pin a small piece of used fabric as well. That will saves you seconds!

  2. Jeyco, those seconds add up to minutes, which add up to hours - before you know it you have gained a whole other day! I'm for time saving tips.