Monday, 7 November 2011

One I Made Earlier 2

This is Paco's half-circle skirt that recently made in navy silky jersey. (See also Sunday Sewing on this blog). Fabric was purchased online from Tissu who do an amazing selection of jersey knits and stretch fabrics. I've just started sewing with stretch fabrics always thinking that they were difficult to control, but really - so easy.
It is the most beautiful skirt to wear - comfortable, swingy, and makes me stand taller and stride out.
It can be dressed up for work (as here) or dressed down for lazing about at home. As usual - it's lined with a stretch navy lining fabric.

Today it is worn with a Laura Ashley cardigan and one of my precious Hermes silk scarves.

The almost invisible zip. I'm not very good at inserting zips - usually I just pull a top down over the waistband to hide it. Knowing that I'll be taking photos of my sewing projects for this blog might make me improve my technique.
You can also see where the top of the zip doesn't quite match and how the skirt sits below my natural waistline!
My waist is not XL!

Just look at that swing at the skirt hem as I walk!

Thanks for reading. See you soon.


  1. Thank you for showing Ruth. In the next skirt, you can make your waistband measurement (ignore my pattern), and then ease the skirt pattern´ excess. You can also end up with hook and eye, and closes better.
    Anyway, your skirt is fine, and has good draping !!

  2. I really like this skirt. I will have to order this pattern from Paco.

  3. Patsijean, it's easy to make (apart from my problems with zips) and so easy to wear.

  4. Great skirt. Very nicely on impact on the body-so you'll have to sew .Greetings from Polish:)

  5. Thanks Katie - just look at the latest post! Help