Tuesday, 8 November 2011

My Wardrobe

After yesterday's (expected) disaster with the zip I thought I might show that I actually do have some talent (albeit a little) and open my wardrobe doors for a peek inside.

These are items that I made earlier:

The blouse is Kwik Sew KS 3782. Made in a patterned satin of steel grey, burgundy,  pink and mauve - just about goes with any colour scheme.

It looks dreadful on the envelope and this is the first Kwik Sew pattern I've ever used but I was looking for a tie-neck blouse that was quick and easy to sew - and this is!
In fact I've made 4 in different fabrics.
In this version I lengthen the sleeves and added cuffs to make a more formal look.

The skirt is actually a dress from vintage Vogue V1136.
I didn't add a waistband but inserted a stiff interfacing and covered this with a self-facing for a smooth finish.
The skirt has the most beautiful pleats in the back. It is A-line from the front and swingy and pleated at the back - a skirt of two halves.

Next up is my first ever Hotpatterns pattern

HP 1008 Wong-Singh-Jones Kimono Wrap Dress

- the most comfortable and quickest made wrap-dress. but it is beautifully shaped with princess seams at the front and side backs fro shaping - no darts needed.

As you can see I edged this one of burgundy stretch jersey with the left-overs of my tie-front blouse. I tend to sew lots of items in co-ordinated fabric colours so that I always have something to wear with them.

I did an Erica-B (added 3 inches) to the hem, lengthened and straightened the sleeves and added a mock cuff to match the neck band and waist ties. 

As the satin edging doesn't stretch I do have to keep adjusting the front when I wear this dress - but so what - it looks good and feels even better. I even resemble Doris with her tiny waist in this dress.

I've made this dress three times - Erica-B'ing each one and each version slightly different that the last. I love that about sewing your own clothes - you find a style that suits you and you like and the variations and options are endless. 

This time the dress is made out of a T-shirt type of stretch knit in a mock Missoni pattern. To avoid the hassle and complications of having to match up the zig-zags at the seams on the bodice I cut each piece on a different angle - side fronts were cit on the bias, fronts and centre back cut on the vertical and the side backs cut on the horizontal.

While out browsing the other day for what's hot and what's not I saw a RTW top made of this exact same fabric in a high street store. So am I hot or not?

It makes an interesting slant to the dress all those zig-zags but I don't wear it if I have a headache!


  1. Brilliant. This is the most flattering use of this fabric I have come across. Very clever.