Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Green Sweater - Finished

Centre back
 I took a day off to think about the neck line for the lime green sweater, but I'm afraid I took the conservative way out - nothing avante garde - and opted for a simple polo (turtle) neck. As the pattern I was working from was for a shirt with a collar I had to draft my own design. I measured my head circumference (22", is that big?) and widened the neck edge to match. I made a tube (22" long) from the remaining rib fabric, added a centre back seam, folded the fabric over to hide the raw seam edges and attached to the neck edge. I top-stitched the seam allowance to give extra stability and reduce fraying.
 The polo neck can be styled in a relaxed fashioned by just letting it fold as it wants and I still have enough ribbed fabric left to make a matching scarf. Now all I'm waiting on is my Clover Pants pattern from America and I can get to work on the trousers (pants) that will match the grey marl in this green. I made the sweater large and baggy like this because the Clover pants are skinny and tight - I need to hide the hips!

The sweater is plenty big too for when it gets really cold I can wear another sweater underneath for extra warmth and this one will act as a poncho or cape.

Thanks for reading. Ruth


  1. I love this whole sweater/scarf ensemble. What a gorgeous color.

  2. This looks a nice sweater. By the way did you know you can buy Colette patterns from www.sewbox.co.uk, who are based in England?

    1. Thanks Susan, that would save a few weeks on delivery.

  3. It's beautiful and stylish, I love the color.