Monday, 7 November 2011

Sunday Sewing on Monday

 So, this evening I thought I'd get back to work on the swingy skirt - all cut out and ready to go. I decided that the zip would go in perfectly first time - I took extra time and thread traced the seam allowances on the front and back slightly longer than the zip so that I could match up the seam after the zip was in. GREAT.

Then I pinned the zip to the thread tracing, put the invisible zipper foot in the machine and off I went.

 Did the same on the other skirt side and just look at this result - ABSOLUTELY PERFECT. Unbelievable! A zip that I've put in the first time and it's so good. :)

 Changed the invisible zipper foot on the machine to the regular zipper foot to stitch below the zipper end closed ...........  and this is when it all went wrong.
 1. Ran out of bobbin thread
2. Thread tension went to war with me
3. Dog feeds wouldn't hold the fabric
4. Realised that I should have sewn the waistband on first as the zip goes into it
5. Useless zip position
6. Ended up with holes in the skirt 
Anyone know of a skirt pattern that doesn't need zips?


  1. Hi Ruth .- You have seen this tutorial???.-

    You know, I think I'll make a tutorial to make this skirt with elastic waistband. I think it will be a good alternative.

    Regards !!

  2. Paco, I have read every blog, book and magazine on inserting zips. I know the technique, it's just getting my hands to do what my brain tells them is the problem! Don't worry, I always put zips in twice & sleeves in three times- just part of my sewing method I guess. I wanted this blog to show the bad and the good. Thanks for your help

  3. ohhh .. yes, yes, I understand ... You know, the zippers are a complicated think. I have to tell you how many times I hated :-(.... Have a good day Ruth !!

  4. Somehow it always works out in the end - see the latest post Paco. Your encouragement obviously worked! Thanks again