Sunday, 6 November 2011

Sunday Sewing

Unfortunately I didn't get as much sewing as I wanted to today - this blog is taking more time than I figured it would and it is now interfering with my sewing. That's irony for you - I want to make a blog about sewing but the blog is stopping me from sewing! Does it get easier and quicker?

Anyhow, I started Paco's half-circle skirt. This is to match the jumper I made yesterday and you can see from my material collection it really goes well.

I couldn't get a matching lining for the denim blue jersey, so I choose a neutral (just visible in the corner if the photo). I am obsessive about lining things - does anyone else feel this way?

I line absolutely everything pants, skirts, dresses, even some T-shirts!
These patterns were drafted using traditional Haute Couture methods: Model sketch, first pattern, muslin test garment, fitting on a dressform, fitting on a living model, final adjustments and final test garment made from fashion fabric. The pattern is hand-copied from the original, and by sewing this garment you are guaranteed to obtain a handcrafted exclusive model. Copies made in high quality paper.

Paco sends one of his sew-in labels too - really personalised.

This pattern is hand drafted and deceptively simple. This is the second one I've made, the first was in navy jersey, I cut the X large but his time I'm cutting the large. Either I can't use a tape measure or the tape measure I use is way out. My actual measurements (according to this weird tape measure) are for XL but when I made the first skirt it hangs off my waist and balances on my hips. I don't mind so much but I'm sure this skirt should fit well around the waist. So this time we'll go for the smaller size - whoopee!

Paco's blog is in Spanish so I have to use Google translation to understand it, but some of the translations are just weird. I love the bit in the translation about cutting out this skirt - "to avoid a landslide" sandwich the fabric between the pattern and another layer of tissue. This is the most difficult part of making the skirt - the sheer size of it!

I only have a little table and you can see part of the pattern and fabric hanging precariously off the edge. The best about this pattern is that there are only two pieces, one for the skirt front & back and a waistband.

I'm cutting the waistband with a rotary cutter to try and get straighter edges - my scissors are going blunt.

Well, that's about as far as I got today. I managed to hang the skirt pieces on Doris to let gravity do her thing with the bias and you can really get a good idea of how this skirt drapes beautifully.

Maybe tomorrow I'll get an hour or two to sew the invisible zip in and then there'll be no stopping me.

I'll have the skirt and jumper on together by Thursday (wishful thinking!)

Stay tuned for the construction process.
Thanks for reading and I'd appreciate any comments on blogging faster and easier or how to cut large pieces on a small table.


  1. Great Ruth .- I love your explanations about the model and your cut "experiences"....
    I can not wait to see the finished model..!!!



  2. I am anxious to see your finished skirt. Your blog is now added to my Bloglines feed.

  3. Thank you for your encouragement. What great motivation!

  4. I have a folding cutting out board, bought in the 60s, made from heavy cardboard. When fully extended gives me a top approx 2 yards by 60 ins. When cutting such as your skirt I lay board on king size bed which works well. Thanks for writing such a great blog.