Sunday, 13 November 2011

Paco's Skirt - Finished

I didn't quite get Paco's skirt finished on Thursday, as I'd hoped, but it was done by Friday and worn today, Sunday.

After the debacle with the zip earlier in the week, I managed to get back on track and put the fiasco behind me - onwards & upwards!

The zip did go in (second time round) and it doesn't look too bad. Just that the waistband on the inside is not even, but then, dear readers, only you and I know that. I added a clear button and a thin ribbon at the top for extra security and hand stitched the lining along the zip tape. The lining is quite a heavy stretch fabric but it lends a weight to the skirt that, with this particular jersey, would be otherwise missing. It will also help keep me warm well into winter.

I made a rolled hem and although I know jersey knits don't fray, I thought the extra weight with a double thickness of fabric would help the 'swing' of the skirt.

For this second make of the skirt I cut the Large size (XL first time) and the fit was absolutely spot on - no adjustments needed. You can see from this photo (left) that the waistband matches perfectly on the public side of the skirt, although there is a small gap at the top. I don't think it's that noticeable in real life. And finally, the labels are sewn in and the skirt is welcomed to my wardrobe.

 The half-circle skirt is so versatile and easy to wear that I thought I'd show you some styling suggestions. The model is useless but you get the idea.
Boho hippy:
a gypsy blouse, wide belt,
crocheted long cardigan
and a scarf

Cowgirl / horse riding look
Riding jacket, Hermes scarf & boots

All in Blue
(I look really cross here)
vogue knitted top, belt and the
patchwork denim coat.

 This was church's outfit this morning and I'm just showing off the double vent at the back of the jacket. The jacket is a Jean Hardy (875) riding jacket - details to follow.

But look at the gathers of the skirt!
Just as Paco promised -  the gathers fall evenly all the way around unlike other half-cirle patterns. And just to prove it here is the front (right) and the folds are just like waves - perfect! Thanks Paco.


  1. Thank you very much Ruth. I love your looks on the subject (cowgirl is my favorite). Thank you also for your mentions in Pattern Review page.

    I also love the post about the wrap skirt. The fabric is fabulous.

    I will enjoy watching your latest posts. The "multiversion" coat says: enjoy !!

    Have a good week

  2. Hi Ruth .- I thought I had left you a comment. ooppss... Well, just thank you for all of these reviews. I love the looks (Cowgirl is my favorite).

    I also love all versions of the previous coat.

  3. great looking skirt -love the colour and love,love, love the even drape of this skirt. Cheers to Paco and to you as well Ruth. Well done.

  4. Doesn't it drape beautifully? Mine is almost finished! Great outfits, this skirt is very versatile.